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Xbox Series X players are losing their game data for the dumbest reason

Xbox Series X players are losing their game data for the dumbest reason

How any gamer can be this silly is beyond us

Monsters really do live among us. They may look like us, even act like us, but they bring a chaos that few of us can hope to ever understand.

Prepare yourselves because this is arguably one of the most troubling, and dumbest, reasons for Xbox Series X players to be losing their game data: they’re pulling the plug at the mains. Learning this horrified us too, with us asking the question of who would be so foolishly bold to do such a thing. Yet, apparently, there are many gamers out there who care not for the welfare of their playthroughs.

Seeing as we're talking about it, you should really watch the Baldur's Gate 3 launch trailer

The discovery has come to light after countless Baldur’s Gate 3 players complained about losing all their save data now that the game has an Xbox port. Needless to say, the surprise announcement that the game was finally on the console, and that freebies were available to celebrate, has been met with a mixed reception.

Seeing as Larian Studios is extremely dedicated to its fans, with its latest patch adding a new ending to the title, the devs are focused on ensuring that any issues, either narratively or otherwise, are dealt with as quickly as possible. Consequently, it developed a hotfix for the lost saves issue.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has stepped forward with an extra solution, with it revealing that some gamers really do want the world to burn. In the tweet, it says that players should “save their game” before returning to the dashboard and opting to quit the title. The post continues, “Users should not disconnect their console from the power”, seemingly hinting that some gamers ignore this sound advice and do so anyway.

Whether this will stop the lost save data from happening, we can’t say; plenty of users are commenting on that same tweet voicing their annoyance that all their in-game progress has still been lost despite this "tip".

It’s certainly dark days for Xbox players.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, Nickelodeon

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