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Xbox Series X has a hidden feature that you need to know about

Xbox Series X has a hidden feature that you need to know about

Xbox owners should check out this hidden setting for their controllers

The Xbox Series X/S has an awesome feature that you’ll want to know about, especially if you’re tired of drifting controllers.

It always hurts when you’re playing a game and notice the camera seems to be slipping away by itself, or you miss a few shots in a game when you’re sure you were aiming properly.

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Controller stick drift is incredibly irritating, even more so when you take into account just how expensive these Xbox and PlayStation controllers are getting with each new console generation.

Fortunately if you’re playing on Xbox you might be able to fix your dodgy stick with a setting you might have missed.

By going into your settings menu, navigating down to the accessories tab, and clicking on whatever controller you have connected you should hopefully see a recalibration option down at the bottom of the page.

Click on that and you’ll be told to move your stick in the way shown on-screen which should hopefully keep your thumbsticks working as intended.

I had to do this last night when my controller’s right stick started moving by itself despite me not touching it, and low and behold the issue disappeared when I went through the recalibration process.

Now there are no guarantees that this will work every time, and if your controller has some sort of internal fault from wear and tear the only likely solutions will be either opening it up and fixing it yourself, or sending it off to Microsoft to fix it for you.

But before you write off your controller altogether definitely give the recalibration setting a go, it takes a few seconds and if it does fix the issue it’ll save you from having to throw it out and buy a new one, or pay to get it repaired.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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