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Xbox Series X/S users aren't making the most of this handy hidden feature

Xbox Series X/S users aren't making the most of this handy hidden feature

This feature is going to seriously help us stay on track

For those of you who easily lose track of time while gaming, this Xbox Series X/S feature can come to your aid.

We appreciate that right now, some of you are feeling mighty ticked off at Xbox, after its new hardware drop turned out to be less exciting than initially thought.

However, if you can put aside your grievances, we can show you a quality-of-life improvement you really should be utilising.

Have you seen the new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer?

No matter what genre of video game you prefer, we’re all guilty of forgetting to take regular breaks. I myself have spent almost an entire day playing Baldur’s Gate 3 without much more than a bathroom interval (mainly because my bladder was at risk of failing me).

If such events sound all too familiar, there’s actually a handy Xbox feature that’ll remind you to take the break you’re in desperate need of.

Take a little trip over to the settings of your console, head into preferences, and then select where it says “break reminder”; from there, you can set a time to suit you.

Starting from 30-minute intervals, you can set reminders to go off every couple of hours. You can set these reminders like those alarms you always snooze through, or you can be more relaxed about your reminders – the choice is yours.

Now you’ll be able to tear yourselves away once Xbox Game Pass gains one of 2023’s most underrated AAAs, or when you’ve been grinding hard for your Stardew Valley farm.

Should you find the reminders tedious after a while, you can always go back into settings and alter your preferences once more; this is your reminder to control as you see fit.

Once we get that feature we’ve been begging for, our Xbox experience might be near perfect.

If you’ll excuse us, we need to set those reminders we’ve just told you about – and yes, they will be going off every 30 minutes because we need to be mothered constantly.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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