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Xbox's new hardware drop has left fans majorly divided

Xbox's new hardware drop has left fans majorly divided

Xbox fans are confused as to why Microsoft keeps restricting limited-edition consoles to sweepstakes.

Xbox’s brand-new Xbox Series X iteration is going down a treat amongst fans, though some are ticked off that you can’t acquire it through normal means.

Limited-edition console variations just hit differently, like a Halo-edition of the Xbox 360 I had when I was younger and a Pokemon-themed Nintendo 2DS which I’ve still got.

If you’re wondering what games to play after binge-watching the Fallout show, check out the video below!

Microsoft has taken the idea of limited-edition consoles and ran with it, producing so many different versions of the Xbox Series X that it’s kind of hard to keep track.

While plenty of the original designs slap, like the latest X-Men ‘97 variation, there’s just one glaring issue, you can’t actually buy them.

The X-Men ‘97 version was made in celebration of the show’s success on Disney+, which has potentially paved the way for a revival of Spider-Man: The Animated Series as well.

It boasts a stunning comic-panel design as well as controllers with colour-schemes reminiscent of some of the show’s most popular heroes.

Fans were blown away by the designs, and are desperate to add them to their collection but unfortunately they’re reserved for sweepstake winners.

This has led to some very frustrated tweets asking Xbox why it keeps hiding the limited-editions behind competitions rather than just selling them outright.

“Why do they keep doing these awesome Xbox consoles through sweepstakes? Just sell them," read one tweet.

“‘Hey let’s show off some very cool controllers but not sell them’ LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONEY," said another.

“Why do they always make sweepstakes? They would make lot of money if there were [available] to buy," wrote one person.

Unfortunately, it didn’t yield any answers, though to be fair the X-Men ‘97 controllers are simply designs made in the Xbox Design Lab, so in theory you could get your hands on one but you’d have to design it yourself, and of course pay for it.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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