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Xbox Series S major error exposed by new release

Xbox Series S major error exposed by new release

The poor Xbox S is creating yet more issues for gamers

PlayStation has been having a rough time of it of late, but before the Xbox owners get smug, it’s worth mentioning that a newly released game has exposed quite a major issue with the Xbox Series S.

In the war of the consoles, no one walks away the victor; as this latest Microsoft issue highlights.

Since its launch the Xbox Series S has been the weak link for Xbox. Although the intention to develop a more budget friendly console could be seen as noble, it becomes less so when said console is riddled with issues. The main one of which is its inability to run games smoothly.

Take a look at Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons below

The launch of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake has revealed just how inadequate the Xbox S is, with its performance dropping as low as 454p; for a current-gen console, that’s unacceptable. Granted, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X isn’t seeing the best optimisation for the game, with it barely ever exceeding 1620p. Still, it’s miles better than what Xbox S players are seeing.

As if that wasn’t gutting enough for those trying to enjoy this poignant adventure, the 454p is happening while the game runs in ‘Quality Mode’. It’s not really news that the Xbox S is problematic, however, the more errors are raised, the more apparent it becomes that having less powerful consoles are inefficient, even if designed with budget friendly gaming in mind.

Arguably, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons isn’t quite as major a launch as Baldur’s Gate 3, which, as you’ll already know, had Xbox users pulling out their hair when it was announced it was the Xbox S’ limitations behind the launch delay.

We anticipate more ire aimed at Xbox S as more current-gen titles release, with Xbox’s smaller machine undoubtedly holding Microsoft and gamers back.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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