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Xbox launches highly requested feature many of us have been asking for

Xbox launches highly requested feature many of us have been asking for

Xbox fans now have more options than ever

Xbox has released a new killer app in collaboration with Amazon, and fans will want to check it out.

One of Xbox’s core strategies this year is a massive push on cloud-streaming, the ability to play any game from anywhere you’d like, as long as you’ve got an internet connection and a screen to play on.

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The feature is even part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, though if you don’t actually own an Xbox console, what are your options?

Well starting this year you’ll be able to play a wide variety of Xbox games without even owning an Xbox Series X/S, as cloud-streaming is now available on Amazon Fire TVs.

The official Xbox channels made an announcement saying: “No console? Don’t be scared. Xbox Gaming is rolling out today with Amazon Fire TV, where you’ll be able to play games directly from the Xbox app.”

Amazon Fire TV or FireStick owners can download the Xbox TV App, and as long as they set up a Microsoft account and have an active subscription to Game Pass they can play as many games as they want at no additional cost.

It’ll also help to have a controller to play with, of course, though connecting one is quick and simple as it’ll work with just about any bluetooth controller.

As for what games you can actually play, there are far too many to list in a single article, but they range from Assassin's Creed to DOOM, and to the latest indie titles like Among Us just to name a few.

Fans were pretty impressed, with one praising the company for providing “more options for gamers,” and another calling it a “game changer.”

One said, “That was fast. Can't wait to do some gaming on a fire stick. Game On!!!”

Xbox cloud-streaming is now accessible through a dedicated app on Amazon Fire TV, though remember an Xbox Game Pass subscription is required.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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