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Xbox is killing off one of its best features

Xbox is killing off one of its best features

Microsoft has seemingly put an end to Xbox's Monthly Bonus Round punch card rewards points scheme.

This isn’t the news any of us wanted to hear. It looks as if Xbox will soon be killing off one of its best features.

It’s all going on in the world of Xbox right now, isn’t it? Starfield’s release has come and gone. While some players are less than impressed with the space travel, it’s still proved to be Bethesda’s biggest game launch of all-time - surpassing 6,000,000 players across PC and Xbox. Last week, we were also treated to a brand new console update which introduced a number of highly-requested features. Just yesterday, Microsoft announced their new Xbox Mastercard too, allowing users to earn store credit via making everyday purchases. It’s hard to keep up. Today I bring you slightly less exciting news though, as Xbox have ended the Monthly Bonus Round punch card.

Take a look at our video review of Starfield below.

As reported by VG247, it looks as if Microsoft has ended Xbox’s Monthly Bonus Round punch card that you could find present in the Microsoft Rewards app. It was essentially a super easy way to accumulate some extra rewards points that could later be redeemed as store credit on the Microsoft Store. Users would complete simple tasks like logging in every day, week, and month etc.

Reddit user SoftwareFamiliar5908 contacted Microsoft about the absence of the punch card, to which a customer support worker said, “Our research team found that the offer is currently unavailable in your country at this time. Please be informed that the offer varies between account region/market.”

As VG247 pointed out, you can earn around 12,000 points via the punch card, equating to about £10’s worth of store credit. It’s not yet clear which territories the punch card remains active in, if any at all. A disappointing loss.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox

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