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Xbox gamers using 'leap day' to grab last-minute free store credit

Xbox gamers using 'leap day' to grab last-minute free store credit

We all have a bonus leap day to help claim free Xbox store credit

Who would like an extra helping hand claiming some free Xbox store credit? Well of course you would, otherwise why would you be here?

Keeping on top of buying the latest video game releases is no easy task, especially when it can come at a heavy financial cost. After all, despite more games being infused with in-game purchase temptations, it hasn't stopped the RRP of some AAA games having a bump in price. This is why subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus can offer great value for money in comparison to buying one or two new games every other month.

Check out the Dead Island 2 trailer below!

So if we can get a helping hand which could lead to saving a few quid buying video games by claiming free Xbox store credit, we’re all for it. Granted, acquiring free Xbox store credit in the method talked about in this article will require a little bit of work, but it’s easy peasy stuff nonetheless.

On average, a leap year comes around every four years adding an extra day to February increasing it from 28 days to 29 days. Like seriously, seeing 29 February on my mobile still baffles me. This year in 2024, it is a leap year which means that we get an extra day in February which in turn, gives us an extra day to complete Xbox Game Pass Quests, as pointed out by Redditor brbauer2.

In case you didn't know, Xbox Game Pass Quests is a feature available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Xbox Game Pass Quests reward you with points that can be redeemed against Xbox store credit, competitions, charitable donations and much more. New games are regularly being added to the Xbox Game Pass service such as the recent Dead Island 2, so there are always new games to play and easy points to earn.

The quests can be completed by playing games included in the Xbox Game Pass or by completing a certain objective in a particular game. Most of these quests will be completed without even knowing they exist and with this February granting us an extra day, it means that it’s a little easier to claim those reward points.

That being said, you only have the rest of this day to take advantage of this leap-year bonus before much of the Xbox Game Pass Quests refresh tomorrow for March. So you better act fast to avoid missing out.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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