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Xbox drops 2 free games you can download and play this weekend

Xbox drops 2 free games you can download and play this weekend

Two decently sized titles are now available on Xbox Game Pass

Two new games are available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to play over this weekend, with a lot more to follow over the course of this month.

Journey To The Savage Planet was released in 2020, and is fully available to play online with a friend. The game has players exploring the flora and fauna of a brand new world, while upgrading your tools and figuring out exactly what lives on this planet, if any of it is dangerous to humans and above all else, if the area is habitable to people in the long-run.

ICYMI: Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is coming to Game Pass later this year.

The other title that is available right now for Xbox Game Pass subscribers is Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2, a fighting game that allows you play as character such as SpongeBob SquarePants, April O'Neil, Danny Phantom, Garfield, and many others in what could be described as a Super Smash Bros-esque title. It also features multiplayer, meaning you can fight your friends while playing as your favourite Nickelodeon characters.

Other games coming to the service over the course of the month are as follows:

  • Cricket 24 (Cloud, Console, and PC) - 9 July
  • The Case of the Golden Idol (Cloud, Console and PC) - 9 July
  • Neon White (Cloud, Console, and PC) - 11 July
  • Tchia (Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X|S) - 11 July
  • Magical Delicacy (Cloud, Console and PC) - 16 July
  • Flock (Cloud, Console and PC) - 16 July

Xbox Game Pass also gives access to several Xbox console exclusives, such as Starfield, and upcoming titles such as Avowed, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and Fable. The service is available across both Xbox consoles and PC, meaning that regardless of your platform then fans will be able to play new titles at a low price.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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