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Xbox gamers surprised with free store credit, but you have to pay attention

Xbox gamers surprised with free store credit, but you have to pay attention

Who doesn't love a freebie?

Xbox users are being surprised with free points they can redeem for in-store credit, seemingly from nowhere too.

There are a lot of incredible games out at the moment, especially Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree, and there are loads more left to come, so what could be better than free in-store credit to add a few to your library at a reduced price?

You can see GAMINGbible’s review of Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree below

If that sounds like a good deal I’d suggest checking out your Microsoft Rewards program, as apparently you might have received a decent amount of points purely for being active in it.

Microsoft Rewards is unfortunately not what it used to be, as the program has been replaced on Xbox consoles with a new version that offers similar rewards, but not as many points as we would have liked to see.

However for the time being the old reward program is still alive and kicking, and some users have reported a 500 points being awarded to them just for existing.

In a Reddit thread created by Ecstatic_Rooster9226, the user shared a screenshot of their rewards, where they’d received 500 points for six years of being on the service.

Interestingly they said they’d never received an anniversary reward before, so were a little confused as to why they’d got one this year, wondering if it was a new feature.

Other users reported a similar amount of points entering the balance for the same reason, so I’d suggest checking your own balance to see if you’ve received the same.

Unfortunately 500 points isn’t a lot, as you need over 5,000 just to afford a £5 Xbox gift card, but they say every little helps so it’s good to get some freebies when you can.

So keep an eye on your balance over the next few weeks, as it seems like more and more users are getting this reward.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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