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Xbox free download is The Witcher meets Dark Souls

Xbox free download is The Witcher meets Dark Souls

This religious narrative will have you hooked

Fans of The Witcher and Dark Souls who also happen to own an Xbox console should not miss out on this free download guaranteed to keep you busy for quite a while.

Combining elements of The Witcher’s medieval settings with the brutal combat of Dark Souls, The Inquisitor is a “story-driven, dark fantasy adventure game with action elements, that compels you to face difficult moral choices.”

Check out the trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt below!

Released in February across all platforms, the action-adventure title from The Dust is set in an alternative version of a religious reality and is based on the bestselling Inquisitor book series by Jacek Piekara.

You take on the role of Mordimer Madderdin, an inquisitor in God’s service who must solve crimes and discover who has transgressed against their faith. It is your role to maintain order and enforce the faith but in a world full of sinners, you are never far from action.

The Inquisitor is set in a world that follows a time when Jesus becomes consumed with rage after being nailed to the cross. After breaking free, he unleashes his vengeance upon any non-believers and thus the role of the inquisitor is born.

“A morally tainted, non-linear tale: This is a dark and gritty story centred around a religion preaching revenge and violence,” the official synopsis reads. “Multiple branching story choices will test your morality. Choose your path and decide what kind of Inquisitor you will be - one of pity or one of retribution - and ultimately what mark you will leave on this world.”

Now The Inquisitor is free to download and try out for Xbox users on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S in the form of a generous demo.

If you’re still not convinced, a positive review for the title reads: “I was still satisfied overall, and I can recommend it to those who love some mystical and detective stories; the game has its own atmosphere and a charismatic main character.”

Featured Image Credit: Kalypso Media

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