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Xbox's best exclusive in years is finally hitting rival platforms

Xbox's best exclusive in years is finally hitting rival platforms

Now is the time to experience a fantastic yet underrated Xbox exclusive

You might need to cast your minds back for this one, as a lot of gamers took issue with its artistic style and narrative heavy format. Nonetheless, while it might not be to everyone’s tastes, this fabulous Xbox exclusive is headed to a new home.

Okay, let’s call it a secondary home. Having first launched in 2022, this Xbox exclusive was review bombed to within an inch of its life. Thankfully, since those dark, unspeakable times are over, with the reviews for Pentiment nothing but very positive now.

Soak up the atmosphere in the Pentiment launch trailer

“From a story perspective, easily one of the best games I've played in years,” praised one Steam fan. “All told, this is a mature game for people not looking for a quiet thrill, but who are willing to explore a complex world and pay attention to details. I don't think I'll ever play it again, but I'll probably remember it for years to come, and will recommend it liberally.”

Soon that complexity will be available on the Nintendo Switch only a week after Xbox confirmed that four exclusives are headed to the PS5. Naturally, having been described as a “beautiful” experience, Switch fans are delighted that they can now play Pentiment whenever, wherever.

We learnt of this move during the Nintendo Partner Direct, which announced that Pentiment will be available from 22 February onwards. Other titles, such as Grounded, won’t become available until 16 April; that gives you plenty of time to complete Pentiment before shrinking down to size in Grounded.

We’re just grateful we don’t have to wait long to get started on this unique journey, especially after reading reviews like this one: “Excellently written game, alot of twists and turns along the way with every decision no matter how minor, impacting everything that happens in the game. Brilliant writing and great art style.”

Pentiment is available right now on Steam and Xbox, and will launch on the Nintendo Switch on 22 Feb.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, Nintendo

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