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Xbox gamers warned they have just over a month to say goodbye to beloved feature

Xbox gamers warned they have just over a month to say goodbye to beloved feature

We're not ready

It’s never easy saying that final farewell, however, Xbox is trying to soften the blow while we come to terms with this news.

Microsoft is busy forging ahead towards its vision for the future, and as such, you may have missed some changes while you’ve been getting upset over more exclusives going to PlayStation.

One major update you most likely missed was the quiet confirmation of a new console.

Out with the old, in with the new. Make sure you watch the Avowed story trailer

If you did read all about it, what about the news that a beloved feature is biting the dust – do you know about that too?

The glory days of Xbox 360 are behind us, this we know, but we at least had the Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace to cling onto. Now that last bit of safety blanket is being yanked away from us.

Xbox has announced it’s closing down both branches of the “Xbox 360 experience” come 29 July.

We can’t believe we’re having to suffer this injustice. Nonetheless, while it’s sad to say goodbye, Xbox is trying to make the transition easier for us.

“To celebrate the legacy of Xbox 360, we’re working with our amazing publishing partners to bring you as many price reductions from our online store or from the Xbox 360 Store on the console,” the Xbox Wire post reads.

You read that right, gamers, there are hefty price reductions waiting for you. When one door closes, another opens...

All the current price cuts are provided, with some titles experiencing up to 90 percent off. Furthermore, although the Xbox 360 Store/Marketplace is closing, the games you’ve purchased will still play just fine.

More games will be added to the discount list later this month, on 18 June; with a final update being added on 16 July.

What are you waiting for? Time to grab yourselves a bargain. It’s what your 360 would have wanted.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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