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Xbox gamers getting 12 new free games, including Far Cry 6

Xbox gamers getting 12 new free games, including Far Cry 6

Xbox Game Pass are getting 12 new free games, including Far Cry 6.

It’s December which means it’s officially the season of giving, and Xbox is joining in on the action by announcing the next batch of games set to arrive on Game Pass and let me tell you, it is a good month.

It stands the chance that a large chunk of us will soon be getting a little festive break, whether it be from work or school. Yes, much of that break will likely be spent with family or nibbling on all of those lovely festive treats, but I’m sure there’ll be time for gaming too. Let’s begin with what’s available already as of today. Xbox users can now enjoy Remnant From the Ashes (cloud, console, and PC), Remnant II (cloud, pc, Xbox Series X/S), Spirit of the North (cloud, console, and PC), and SteamWorld Build (cloud, console, and PC). If none of those appeal to you, worry not. Plenty of other games are on the way to Game Pass.

Take a look at Far Cry 6 in action below.

The next drop will take place on 5 December, where subscribers will gain access to Clone Drone in the Danger Zone (cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X/S), Rise of the Tomb Raider (cloud, console, and PC), While The Iron’s Hot (cloud, console, and PC), and World War Z: Aftermath (cloud, console, and PC). I’m a big fan of the rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy, and many hail Rise of the Tomb Raider as the best instalment so I’m going to urge you to play it.

On 7 December, Goat Simulator 3 will land (cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X/S), followed by Against the Storm (PC only) on 8 December. Next up, on 12 December, Tin Hearts (cloud, console, and PC) will join the platform followed by Far Cry 6 (cloud, console, and PC) on 14 December.

The Game Pass Core library is also getting an update. Chivalry II and Totally Reliable Delivery Service will arrive on 6 December. We do also know that Chained Echoes, Opus Magnum, Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, and Rubber Bandits will soon leave the service. All in all, so much to enjoy.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft, Ubisoft

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