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Starfield becomes a completely new game if you change this setting

Starfield becomes a completely new game if you change this setting

It's a simple change that's worth giving a go

Starfield was far more divisive than perhaps any of us expected.

Personally, I’m a fan and while, yes, Starfield had room for improvement in the immersion department, those tweaks and changes all felt very surface level.

At its core though, Starfield dazzled, providing us with an ambitious and sprawling galaxy that provided players with an almost unfathomable illusion of freedom.

In our review, I wrote, “Every now and then, a new game comes along that changes our perception of what the industry is capable of. Starfield is that game. This is beyond what we’ve come to know an open-world to be. Bethesda has created a universe that, despite its vast scale, maintains interest and an impressive attention to detail throughout.”

Since release, Bethesda’s developers have been hard at work providing those aforementioned immersion tweaks with Starfield’s latest update - the biggest released so far - adding city maps, customisable ship interiors, a framerate boost, and additional gameplay adjustment options.

The changes don’t end there. Developers further teased that drivable land vehicles will be added in a future update.

In the meantime, fans have one more tip you might want to make note of. Playing Starfield with the HUD turned off can seemingly make for a transformative experience.

Take a look at some of our favourite Starfield wins and fails below.

This tip was brought to light by Reddit user No-Patience8984 who wrote, “Got bored. Turned off HUD. Felt like a different game. Wish there was an option to do it on the fly like in RDR2.”

If you also want to turn the HUD off, simply head on over to the game’s settings and select ‘interface’. From there, you should see ‘HUD Opacity’.

Set the percentage to 0% if you don’t want to see the HUD at all. Alternatively, you can select a low percentage if you still want to keep an eye on things but with a higher level of transparency.

“All modern RPGs need a HUD that mostly if not entirely fades away after a minute or so of non combat,” wrote zpaine.

“I did this for Hogwarts Legacy and it almost felt like watching a movie. I don't know why I didn't think of this for Starfield. I'm going to try this now,” added one user.

I guess I better give this a go.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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