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Starfield players can get a major graphics boost with one easy tweak

Starfield players can get a major graphics boost with one easy tweak

Boost your framerate on the Xbox Series S with this handy tip

Starfield, fair to say, garnered a pretty mixed reception upon release.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed the game from day one but there are plenty more who haven’t.

Thankfully, it does feel like the reaction to the game is becoming more favourable in recent weeks.

Following initial bug fixes, Bethesda has now begun dropping some heftier updates including the addition of key features like city maps and customisable ship interiors.

Land vehicles are set to be added in the foreseeable future, and we know that the upcoming Shattered Space story expansion is set to be one of several yearly DLCs.

This month also saw the addition of the Creation Kit - and let’s face it, a Bethesda game never truly feels complete until there are hundreds of mods at a player’s disposal.

Those mods don’t have to be complicated. In fact, did you know that Xbox Series S users can use the Creation Kit in order to get their game running at 120fps?

Starfield: Shattered Space is set to land later this year. Take a look at the latest trailer below.

If you’re not familiar with Creation Kit, it allows users to implement mods on Xbox consoles as well as on PC.

After all, it’s not fair that PC users have all the modding fun.

As reported by AltChar, Xbox Series S users can download the following mods from Creation Kit to boost their graphics to 120fps: Uncap FPS for Series S, Remove Grass, Crowd Reducer, Inquisitor Project FPS Plus, No God Rays, Performance Shadows (Series S), and Performance Tweaks (Series S).

I will warn you though that achievements will not unlock if you have all of these mods implemented and while you’ll get that crisp framerate you’re after, the world may feel a bit underwhelming due to what you need to lose to achieve it.

Then again, the choice is there so that’s the main thing.

Given that the game has been out for nine months, you may be totally up for throwing the rulebook out the window to try something new.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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