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Starfield gets 'weirder' when you complete it four or five times, oh lawd

Starfield gets 'weirder' when you complete it four or five times, oh lawd

Starfield reportedly gets 'weirder' when you begin your third, fourth, and fifth New Game Plus playthroughs.

You better not get burnt out on Starfield, my friends. Even after four or five playthroughs, the game still holds many secrets, uh oh.

Starfield is a whopper of a game, featuring over 1,000 planets so it won’t be long before players are racking up hundreds of hours worth of play time. In our 10 out of 10 review, we deemed its scale to be “revolutionary”. It does make me sad though when I see players recommending to others that you should rush through the main quest and immediately begin a New Game Plus. Personally, I think you should simply enjoy your playthrough and leisurely explore. It’s true though that New Game Plus does feature a unique and exciting twist, and it’s a twist that actually gets ‘weirder’ with each successive playthrough.

Take a look at our video review of Starfield below.

Major spoiler warning: The remainder of this article deals with heavy spoilers for Starfield’s ending and how that impacts New Game Plus. Proceed with caution.

As reported by PC Gamer, Starfield’s main storyline ends with revealing that the artifacts you’ve been collecting open The Unity - a kind of nexus that allows you to access the multiverse. Entering The Unity triggers New Game Plus. You’re essentially now a version of you in another universe, hence why you retain your memories, skills, and powers, but your Constellation colleagues have no idea who you are.

If you go through this process again though, you’ll start to notice even more bizarre changes as you experience various iterations of the story across the multiverse. PC Gamer found that on their fourth New Game Plus, Constellation was filled with clones of themselves yet they each had differing personalities and back stories. In another playthrough, PC Gamer entered Constellation and found Sarah Morgan mortally wounded. Who killed her? An evil version of the main player.

Other players have experienced an evil version of Andredja backed by an army of House Va’ruun soldiers, an adult Cora Coe blaming you for the death of Sam, Walter Stroud backed by mercenaries, the Constellation Lodge filled with kid cosplayers after the main guild quit, and Vasco being the only Constellation member left. In other words, there are seemingly endless possibilities - many of which we’re only just beginning to discover.

In future playthroughs, you may have to kill your evil Constellation colleagues to nab artifacts, or locate them yourself via The Eye if Vlad isn’t there to help you. I really am so excited at the prospect of Starfield entertaining us for years to come.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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