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Starfield fans believe the game has potential for a huge No Man's Sky-style overhaul

Starfield fans believe the game has potential for a huge No Man's Sky-style overhaul

Starfield fans are in agreement that the game has the potential for a huge No Man's Sky-style overhaul in the coming months.

Starfield fans are hoping that Bethesda’s latest epic will undergo an overhaul, similar to what we’ve seen take place in No Man’s Sky over the years.

Fair to say, Starfield has received a mixed reception. On one hand, it’s Bethesda’s most successful launch of all-time - drawing in a whopping 10 million players so far. On the other end of the spectrum though, Starfield’s user rating has dropped below Fallout 76’s, making it the studio’s lowest rated game. If you ask me, Starfield is a colossal success. It offers an engaging narrative and vast, detailed galaxy to explore. There’s plenty to keep players busy for hours on end, even if it would be nice to see improvements made to the game’s maps and fast travel. That’s exactly what fans are hoping will happen long term.

Take a look at our video review of Starfield below.

Reddit user PostalSenditGames wrote, “Starfield is a game designed to be massively expanded upon, and not just by mods, but by Bethesda.” They continued, “This isn’t Skyrim, that came out when live service updates and expansions weren’t the norm. Skyrim had a few traditional older style DLCs. I think we will see not just massive expansions of content, but fundamental changes to in-game systems like the economy, crafting, etc.”

Many were in agreement, saying they expect Starfield to match No Man’s Sky’s scale in future years. User superiosity_ said, “Honestly, you make a great point. Look at No Man's Sky now compared to release. Not even close to the same game. Someone picking it up now would have no idea what the original players were complaining about,” while _BoneZ_ added, “Bethesda has created a huge canvas to paint on.” I agree. It’s a stellar foundation.

Bethesda has confirmed that they plan to support Starfield long-term. We’ve already seen a number of quality of life updates released, and we know city maps are on the way next year - as is the Shattered Space DLC. I sense a bright future.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, Hello Games

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