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Starfield confirms you can go full stealth archer in space

Starfield confirms you can go full stealth archer in space

Starfield will seemingly feature Skyrim's Stealth Archer build and fans can't wait.

There’s already a wide array of things to look forward to in Starfield, but this latest feature may just be the most exciting discovery to date. A Skyrim fan-favourite build is seemingly on its way to Bethesda’s upcoming release. That’s right, it appears as if we’re getting Stealth Archer in space.

Where do I begin with bringing you up to speed on Starfield? Well, there are set to be over 1,000 planets, although only 10% of these contain life. The others will have valuable resources, so there’s plenty to keep you busy. New Atlantis is the beating heart of this galaxy, and it’s the largest city Bethesda have made to date. If you’re a Game Pass subscriber, you can pre-download the game and it boasts a hefty file size. Surprisingly though, the main story campaign isn’t as long as you might think. Completionists will seemingly be playing this game for an age though, as the Star Map may just be the chonkiest thing we’ve ever seen. Let’s hop back to that latest discovery though: Stealth Archer.

Take a look at Starfield in action below. The game is due to be released on 6 September.

Reddit user OkPain2022 took to the site to post a screenshot they’d nabbed from the recent gameplay showcase, captioning it, “Sneak attack bonus damage [is] back.” That means that if you’re a fan of Skyrim’s excellent Stealth Archer build, you should feel right at home in Starfield. Needless to say, fans are pretty excited about the prospect.

User drneeley wrote, “All paths lead to rolling a Stealth Archer,” while Titan7771 added, “Stealth Archers rejoice.” Scylla294 said, “I hope there are stealth systems for ships as well. Like you need to turn off your engines and drift forward until a target is in range, or hell, some one shot sniper type ship weapon that can instantly disable a ship for boarding. Or stealth boarding.” It’s a good call. Ship combat can often be very one-dimensional. It would be fun to see various styles introduced.

Many fans mentioned that they may be too excited when first diving into Starfield to execute the perfect stealth attacks, adding that they’d save a Stealth Archer style build for a second playthrough. I think I speak on behalf of us all when I say that I cannot wait to get this game in my hands.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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