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Halo Infinite gets intense new limited-time mode that's bringing players back in droves

Halo Infinite gets intense new limited-time mode that's bringing players back in droves

A new Halo mode inspired by Call Of Duty Zombies is exactly what the game needed

Halo Infinite has a brand-new Call Of Duty: Zombies mode, and it’s all the reason you need to jump back into the game.

While Halo: Infinite is leaps and bounds ahead of what it used to be, the writing is clearly on the wall for Xbox’s latest sci-fi shooter.

Check out Halo: Infinite below.

It’s clear some big changes need to happen to bring the series back up to the quality of the Bungie days, and it’s said part of that restoration will involve porting the games to the PlayStation 5, which I don’t think would be such a bad thing.

In terms of short-term changes though, a new mode has entered the game that was created by fans, and it’s absolutely wild.

The new mode is called Survive The Undead, and as the official description so aptly puts it, it “meshes the Halo Firefight experience with the fan-favorite COD Zombies mode, resulting in fast-paced, intense, and sometimes spooky gameplay.”

The mod includes round-based survival, purchasable weapons, points for high-score farming, and even a Halo version of the Pack-A-Punch machine from Call Of Duty: Zombies.

It was created by The Forge Falcons, and it’s brought loads of players back to the game to give it a go.

HiddenXperia, one of the Halo scene’s top contributors, shared the mode on Twitter, or X if you’d prefer, and said the team “KILLED IT.”

The Forge Falcons even shared some accolades recently, revealing the new mode is the most popular one in the game now, as well as the highest rated mode in Halo: Infinite’s matchmaking.

It’s well-worth checking out, whether you play regularly or haven’t dived back in for a while, and it’s free so why not give it a go?

Halo: Infinite is available on Xbox and PC platforms, and the multiplayer portion is free-to-play.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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