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Gears Of War 2 turns 15, is still the peak of the series

Gears Of War 2 turns 15, is still the peak of the series

Gears of War 2 recently celebrated its 15th anniversary and is regarded as the peak of the series.

The Gears of War series is one of Xbox’s flagship brands alongside the likes of Halo and Forza Motorsport, and recently the second entry in the chainsaw duelling series has celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Developed by Epic Games, Gears of War 2 was released on 7 November 2008 and is considered to be the peak of the series with a score of 93 on Metacritic, just one point shy of the 2006 original, so there’s a genuine case to be made.

Check out the Gears of War 2 trailer below!

As a Gears of War fan, I also look back on the series very fondly. In fact, I recently replayed all five numbered entries, and now I’ve even started to replay Gears of War: Judgement. If someone was to ask me which is my favourite in the series, I’d be torn between the second and third game.

However, I was a little disappointed when I saw the official Gears of War social media pages celebrate the 15th anniversary of the sequel because I had hoped that we’d finally get a Gears of War 2: Ultimate Edition, as we did for the 2015, remaster of the original game. There have been rumours of a remastered collection for the original Gears of War trilogy, but sadly, those rumours are yet to come to fruition. We are at least getting a Gears of War animation and live-action movie on Netflix. The latter of which could have Zack Snyder at the helm.

Regardless of the Gears of War 2: Ultimate Edition no-show, fans on Reddit have been discussing their love for the sequel. “Fifteen years ago we only had one option: attack. Happy Gears of War 2 anniversary, Gears. Celebrating 15 years,” rejoiced Turbostrider27, sharing a tweet from the official Twitter account for Gears of War.

“Still the peak of the series, imo. I'd love an Unreal Engine 5 remake. What a great time it was for shooter fans 15 years ago,” replied KesMonkey. “Chairman Prescott’s speech will never be topped,” reminisced hairy_bipples.“I pre-ordered the Limited Edition and got the midnight release bonuses. Played the absolute hell out of that campaign and multiplayer on those cold evenings/nights. It was a different time and I loved every minute of it,” remembered TheNewATeam.

There have been rumours that the next entry in this series will be Gears 6, but I think it’s fair to say that Gears of War 2 most certainly deserves that Ultimate Edition treatment for PC and Xbox Series X|S. Come on Microsoft, make it happen!

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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