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Thousands of gamers petition to remake The Warriors for new-gen consoles

Thousands of gamers petition to remake The Warriors for new-gen consoles

Petitions work sometimes

A large group of gamers are coming together to sign a petition in the hopes of getting The Warriors remade for new-gen consoles. The Warriors is a Rockstar game based on the 1979 film of the same name.

The Warriors was a very successful attempt at adapting a film, with Rockstar creating a smooth beat-em-up. The game quickly found a cult following, much like the film once did. In the petition, the creator started the campaign because they "believe the The Warriors deserves a complete remake and graphic overhaul" rather than a remaster.

The belief is that Rockstar "can do this because of the money they're making from Red Dead Redemption 2 online, and Grand Theft Auto V online." The petitioner goes on to say "All I'm asking is that you do this one game." The ultimate goal of the petition is to see a remake released with a collector's edition, for Xbox Series S/X and PS5.

To date, the petition has 4,635 signatures. The next goal for the campaign is 5,000 signatures. In July, the creator updated the webpage admitting their passion for the game. Some of the comments from those who have signed express a long-standing love for the original game.

"One of the best games to ever grace the PS2 console" says one signee, while another calls it the "best game in history" The most recent signature comes with the comment, "This is my childhood game. I have been wanting to play this for years!!"

The petition was started in 2019 is is still getting signatures today, though of course, it's a slow drip. Whether this petition achieves its goal is yet to be seen, but at least it shows there's a group of gamers who love the game.

Considering we're in an age where so many games are being remade or remastered, it's not a huge stretch for this want. Does Rockstar even have time for this, though?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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