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Call Of Duty: World At War's Vendetta hailed as one of series' best missions

Call Of Duty: World At War's Vendetta hailed as one of series' best missions

Those old Call of Duty missions just hit different

Recent Call of Duty reveals must have the playerbase feeling nostalgic for the 'good ol' days' of the shooter as fans look back at one of the best missions in the series' history, Vendetta, which comes from World at War.

Now, I'm going to out myself here and say that this was my favourite Call of Duty game. It came at a crossroads where Call of Duty was a behemoth and the studios still had space to experiment with different time periods successfully. It's also the first Call of Duty where I prestiged several times because those weapons, and the new co-op mode, were brilliant.

A Redditor has recently posted about playing World at War after a long time and a certain mission bringing back memories. That mission is called Vendetta and it's the fourth mission in the campaign.

Waking up in a battlefield filled with carnage, the player is tasked with an assassination. This is a sniping mission to end them all and features some of the most tense gameplay in World at War. There's plenty of sneaking and running from Axis soldiers while looking for the ideal shot.

Some of the comments on Reddit laud the mission as being "haunting and scary" or being part of a plea as one Redditor says "Truly a Call of Duty that needs a remaster".

While many look back on Vendetta fondly, most are haunted by the grenade spam from AI on Veteran mode, Call of Duty's toughest difficulty.

Away from Vendetta there is a lot of love for World at War as it came during the golden age of Call of Duty, when the each game felt more like an event, rather than an annual refresh. There are plenty of comments on the Reddit thread where players are hailing World at War as the "best COD they ever made".

Maybe a remaster really is needed. I would certainly jump back into the trenches.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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