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Uncharted meets Assassin's Creed in new-gen 2024 RPG unveiled at Summer Game Fest

Uncharted meets Assassin's Creed in new-gen 2024 RPG unveiled at Summer Game Fest

Will this be the next big RPG?

Summer Game Fest has given us much to think about with the Unknown9: Awakening trailer.

We've known about this RPG for some time, and so its reveal was hardly a surprise. However, the latest trailer has still managed to wow us by exceeding expectations.

This upcoming RPG, which will launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC has us thinking of the detailed worlds of Uncharted, and the challenges of Assassin's Creed; that's quite the combination.

Check out the Unknown9: Awakening announcement trailer right now

"You are Haroona, a Quaestor born with the ability to venture into a mysterious dimension that overlaps our own, known only as the Fold," reads the Steam page description.

Intriguing, no?

It continues, "On her quest for powerful hidden knowledge, Haroona will learn to master her unique connection to the Fold, which allows her to channel its powers into our world... But such power does not go unnoticed and Haroona quickly becomes the target of a splinter faction calling themselves the Ascendants."

What will become of Haroona and the world she's trying to navigate depends on you. However, finding a way through won't be easy, as many trials will come her way.

This new Bandai Namco IP looks like a fantastic way to dip your toe into an action-packed and lore heavy world without having to face the horrors of FromSoftware beasts, like we've seen in Elden Ring.

A lot is riding on this new franchise being a success, as shown by the way in which Bandai Namco has given its all to flesh out Haroona's story, both on and off the screen.

Unknown9: Awakening will launch later this year on all consoles, bar Nintendo Switch, and PC too. December 2024 might seem like a life time away, but we have no doubt it'll be here before we know it.

We just hope no delays get in the way of us getting hands on with this fascinating tale and promising new universe.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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