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Zelda-inspired upcoming 2024 game drops free Steam download

Zelda-inspired upcoming 2024 game drops free Steam download

Crypt Custodian describes itself as a "Zelda-like"

If you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda, you’re going to want to keep an eye on the upcoming Crypt Custodian.

Created by solo indie developer Kyle Thompson, Crypt Custodian is described as both a “charming Metroidvania” and “Zelda-like” and as the title suggests, it’s all about cleaning up the afterlife.

You assume the role of Pluto, a “mischievous cat who has just died, and landed in the afterlife’s palace”.

Before long, you’ll meet afterlife guardian Kendra but let’s just say the meeting doesn’t go too well.

Kendra decides to banish you from the palace, sentencing you to instead clean its grounds. This includes battling beasts, gaining new traversal methods, and discovering the afterlife’s secrets.

If you’ve played Tunic, that game is certainly springing to my mind when looking at Crypt Custodian’s gameplay - and Tunic is also very upfront about its The Legend of Zelda inspirations.

Take a look at Crypt Custodian in action below.

“Meet and befriend all the other bad ghosts who live outside the palace. Learn how they died, and what caused them to face eternal banishment! And then head on over to the local haunt - The Sinner’s Inn - to chat with the ghosts you meet, and upgrade your gear,” the synopsis teases.

Crypt Custodian is packed with things to do, from completing puzzles to battling bosses.

Along the way, you’ll level up, gain new abilities and expand the map via exploration.

The game’s description says that you’ll be able to “form your own path” which, again, is making me think that Crypt Custodian will somewhat play similarly to Tunic, allowing the player to figure out the lay of the land for themselves.

Crypt Custodian isn’t due to launch until later this year but you can now get a taste of what’s on offer thanks to a brand new demo over on Steam.

In case you missed it, Steam Next Fest is now underway, granting PC gamers access to hundreds of demos for a limited-time.

Featured Image Credit: Top Hat Studios

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