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The Witcher 3 meets LA Noire in new Steam game you can check out free

The Witcher 3 meets LA Noire in new Steam game you can check out free

If only Geralt and Cole joined forces for real!

Who would have thought that the worlds of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and L.A Noire would collide into one video game that you can check out for free today.

Well, actually, The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia is also an investigator, so we could say that he’s the Cole Phelps of the Continent, but you get what I mean. Nonetheless, while we’ll never see that Geralt and Cole collaboration for real, we can at least check out a video game for free that offers a little bit of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and L.A Noire.

Check out the Runes trailer below!

The video game in question is developed and published by indie company Bimordial with the investigative, mediaeval fantasy RPG, Runes. Best of all, the Runes playable demo is available to download now via Steam for PC.

“​The Port city of Lewyst has become the dingy, crime-infested underbelly of the Realm. Two rival crime chapters vie for influence, while noble families fight over the Barony,” reads the synopsis of Runes.

The synopsis continues: “At the centre of everything lies a new potion, so addictive that it enslaves all who take it. ​Talesin, the very capable, yet very flawed ‘watcher’, is dispatched by the Sorcerers Guild to investigate.”

“As our wayward sorcerer delves into an emerging conspiracy, he forms an unlikely alliance with the young Olwyna Vrak, a member of the powerful yet declining Vrak crime dynasty.” Runes sounds like fun, I just hope it doesn't have hard-to-read facial expressions like in L.A Noire or is that just me?

At this time, Runes does not have a release date nor is it confirmed for any platform other than PC. However, you can at least download its free playable demo to see if it’s worth your attention for when the full game eventually arrives, hopefully, later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Bimordial

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