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The Witcher 3 meets Days Gone in wild new fantasy game

The Witcher 3 meets Days Gone in wild new fantasy game

Kingmakers offers a very unique concept

You may have already caught a glimpse of Kingmakers without realising, given that it’s totally taken social media by storm.

This upcoming third-person shooter duped us all into thinking it was a medieval strategy game earlier this year, dropping a trailer that featured expansive battlefields, full of armour-clad troops.

Things took a turn though when 23 seconds in, a very modern car sped across said battlefield gunning town those troops with a very modern rifle.

Confused yet? Well, Kingmakers is a shooter set across time, blending the horde-like mania of Days Gone with the sword-clashing of The Witcher 3. It’s certain to amuse you with its zany mix of time periods and genres.

Developed by Redemption Road Games and set to be published by tinyBuild, players can enter these enormous simulated battles either alone or with friends via co-op.

Take a look at Kingmakers in action below.

“Go back in time to a war-torn medieval era with a vast arsenal of modern weapons, change the course of history, and save the future in this epic action/strategy sandbox,” reads the synopsis.

“Build your kingdom, grab a gun, and lead an army of thousands into massive, real-time simulated battles — solo or in co-op.”

The goal is to travel back 500 years to change the course of history with the hope being that you’ll create a new timeline - so while you may start on a medieval battlefield, you could end up in a futuristic metropolis before you know it.

“Use assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, armoured SUVs, bikes, attack helos, air strikes and more to make sure the history altering goes smoothly,” developers tease.

In terms of co-op, you can team up with up to three friends which sounds like it could be a lot of fun. You’ll want to strategise carefully if you want to defend your stronghold or break through enemy defences.

Just yesterday, it was revealed that “everything in Kingmakers is real,” so “if you see a building, you can go inside it, have a fight in it, and blow it up,” showcasing the game’s ambition.

Unfortunately, Kingmakers doesn’t have a release date just yet but it should launch on Steam in 2024.

Featured Image Credit: tinyBuild

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