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Steam new viral hit horror reaches 100,000 concurrent players

Steam new viral hit horror reaches 100,000 concurrent players

Steam's new viral hit horror Lethal Company has reached 100,000 concurrent players - a major achievement.

Halloween may have been and gone but for one Steam horror game, it appears the spooky season is far from over.

Lethal Company burst on to Steam in early access this October and has steadily increased in popularity since then. Now, just a month later, it has managed to hit 100,000 concurrent players with an all-time peak hitting a whopping 115,050 just yesterday.

Check out the Lethal Company trailer below!

The news was announced by developer Zeekerss who took to Twitter to share the exciting news. “While I was asleep, Lethal Company passed 100,000 concurrent players,” they wrote. “Unbelievable, thank you for playing. Releasing updates for this game will be very fun.” The announcement was made alongside a screenshot taken from website SteamDB showing the game’s impressive statistics.

The co-op horror game tasks players with “scavenging at abandoned moons to sell scrap to the Company”. Use cash you have collected to travel to other moons which will be home to new and exciting loot or use it to buy fancy suits or decorations for your ship.

With the quota needing to be met, you should not stray too far from your goal but you can always spare a bit of time to explore the world and even scan animals to add to your bestiary. However, you must also be aware of any dangers and must rely on your crew to lead you safely to your destination.

Despite a simple concept, the game has become a viral hit and currently sits at a “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam. With as much hilarity as there is horror, one review seemingly sums Lethal Company up. “My friend was slowly being killed in a room and all I could do was listen to his horrified screams over the radio,” they wrote. “Anyways, we met quota....10/10.”

With Lethal Company becoming a viral success, I doubt this will be the last we hear of this co-op horror title.

Featured Image Credit: Zeekerss

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