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Steam gains PC classic following long 25 year wait

Steam gains PC classic following long 25 year wait

A classic title has arrived on Steam after a 25-year long wait

Originally launched way back in 1999 (and reminding me of my age yet again), this classic PC title has made its way to Steam after a 25-year long wait.

Infantry, also known as Infantry Online, was a 1999 multiplayer combat game by the Daybreak Game Company. Despite a dedicated fanbase, the title was taken down by Sony in 2012 and since then, fans of the classic have been begging for a remake.

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With just a fan-maintained free version to keep fans occupied, it seems the wait is now over and their prayers have been answered as the title, now known as FreeInfantry, is back and acts as a relaunched and remastered version of the original.

Added to Steam, FreeInfantry pays homage to Infantry Online as “the world's first massive multiplayer online isometric shooter.”

Available to play for absolutely free with no microtransactions, FreeInfantry offers a real-time, fast-paced tactical top-down shooter where you must use momentum to gain the advantage and defeat your enemies.

With several zone types to choose from including a standard skirmish and capture-the-flag, you can also decide to try the co-op mode which will see you going up against hordes of CPU bugs and zombies.

If you want something a bit more unique, you can check out FreeInfantry’s player-based modes where you will be able to customise classes, upgrade your weapons and add variation to base building.

With elements of nostalgia and outright fun, FreeInfantry is not one to miss out on and many fans agree.

One review read: “Awesome game, played this back in 2002-2012 when the servers shut down. Great to see it back again and on steam! Give it a try, it's unique and a very fun shooter once you get the hang of it.”

Another agreed, saying: “The game that managed to keep my attention and heart for 25 years and is now easily accessible to everybody.”

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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