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Steam makes hit 2020 game free to download and keep forever

Steam makes hit 2020 game free to download and keep forever

Grab yourself a free game on Steam

Steam is often very kind to us and gives away the odd game for free, seemingly out of nowhere. It’s a lovely surprise and one that fills up our backlog, giving us plenty of options of what to play. The latest game to be given away can be downloaded and kept, and it plays brilliantly on the Steam Deck, too.

Space Crew: Legendary Edition brings all new content to players of the game and gives others the perfect jumping on point to try out this wacky strategy game. One Steam review likens it to the superb FTL, and even if they’re only a little bit correct, it’s worth the entry price of zero investment.

You can see how much we enjoyed Space Crew, then go and download the game for free

Space Crew is a chaotic and fast-paced strategy game where you oversee the crew of a spaceship. You’re able to fully customise both the ship and your crew, making them feel more unique. If you want to paint your ship neon pink and jaunt through space with an alien crew, then have at it.

Your crew will expand by “finding them during rescue and Away Team missions or unlock them using codes from community competitions.” There is a permadeath feature, putting more on the line with each mission, so don’t get too attached to anyone, just in case.

As you switch between sectors of your ship, you’ll learn to micromanage the crew and their stations, ensuring a tight ship. And you won’t be there constantly, as you can explore outposts, so making sure you leave behind a sensible crew is of utmost importance.

Learn to embrace chaos as your ship can be boarded, caught in galactic storms, or just bombarded by aliens who want nothing more than to see you crumble into dust. As Space Crew is verified on Steam Deck, you can even take the crew with you on your own real life voyages.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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