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Steam gamers can grab a 9/10 free game right now

Steam gamers can grab a 9/10 free game right now

The good touch

Sometimes you just need a chill game to play. Gaming is so often filled with chaos, endless fighting, and loud noises that, just like in real life, we sometimes need a break. Thankfully, plenty of indie developers know just how you feel and want to offer a safe space where you can just vibe.

Please, Touch The Artwork 2 is a point-and-click, find-the-object game that is part easygoing puzzler and part art gallery. All you need to do is peruse the artwork and find objects the game points out. Of course, here you can touch the art all you like and be the rebel you’ve always wanted to be.

While the game isn't verified on Steam Deck, it does work very well on the handheld

I love how, on the Steam page, the developer has stated the game can be played by those aged 12-99, like it’s a new LEGO set. But this shows just how easygoing the game is and how you can just take your time, slow everything down, and relax a little.

This free title is a spin-off from the original game, made in only six months and dedicated to the art of James Ensor, whose work was recently celebrated with a 75-year anniversary. If you want to jump in and touch all the art, you just need a Steam account. It’s completely free and the graphics won’t push any PC particularly hard, so it should run just fine on your hardware.

If you look at some of the Steam reviews, you’ll see it’s a hit with most players, “Dark, yet borderline disturbing. Funny moments, yet ridiculous. It was certainly an experience” says one player. While another commented, “Fun little point and click I SPY game that led me on a very interesting Wikipedia deep-dive of Belgian artist James Ensor.” No matter which reviews you read, pretty much everyone says you should be giving this game a try, so why let the people down?

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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