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Steam's latest freebie is an open-world sci-fi RPG

Steam's latest freebie is an open-world sci-fi RPG

Head into space to see if you can survive...!

Steam is a goldmine when it comes to freebies, even more so if you’re interested in exploring independently made games. One such hidden gem you might want to test drive is an open-world sci-fi RPG that will make surviving in space enjoyable if not easy.

Project Asteroids was only released in July, meaning it’s still in its infancy as far as creating a stable, invested fandom goes. However, while it’s still a new game on the block, the reception has been “mostly positive”, with it scoring seven out of 10 on Steam.

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Designed to be played with other people, it’s best you don’t venture out into the depths of space without some assistance. As one reviewer commented, “Well... This game is not for sole playing. Just flying, walking, mining and building without any activities and a clear goal can become boring.” They added, “After spending several hours in-game, I can tell that it can be kind of fun to fight and defend yourself in this really beautiful universe, especially under the sky among the stars. I'm in love with these amazing views.”

That’s sort of beautiful. Not to mention it shows promise for the game’s direction and how much it can grow. The reason growth and potential are on all players’ lips thus far, is because Project Asteroids is still in early access, meaning it’s subject to change. Even though you could run into issues, glitches, bugs, etc, it also means the game is likely to remain free to play for the foreseeable future. Though you can buy all DLC for £4.29.

We doubt this is one of those Steam games you’ll want to try and hide thanks to the proposed Valve update, but you never know what awaits you in space. Could be normal aliens, or it could be something NSFW – it’s the risk you take!

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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