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Free PC games: 7 new titles to download and keep on Steam and beyond this week

Free PC games: 7 new titles to download and keep on Steam and beyond this week

Get stuck in.

You know what time it is. That’s right, a bunch more free PC games are available to grab right now, with no strings attached.

Steam is a bonafide treasure trove of free games - in total, there’s over 6,300 freebies to choose from, many of which can keep you busy for thousands of hours. We’ve covered plenty of free downloads from here before, and today is no different - here’s several additional games for your collection that you might not have known about (thanks to @SteamGamesPC on Twitter for highlighting them).

If you love Pokémon battles, you’ll definitely enjoy the free-to-play battle simulator, Temtem Showdown. Take a look at the trailer below.

First up, we have Effugium - a short, atmospheric horror game set in an abandoned space facility, which sees the player attempting to escape while piecing together the mystery of the facility. This one only takes 10 minutes to complete, and sounds really intriguing.

Code of War is a third-person multiplayer shooter with a “huge selection of weapons” and “dynamic online action”. You can choose to play either alone or with a team, and battle it out in a number of different arenas.

Next, The Sand Table War: Cruciata is a medieval strategy game set in the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Players must recruit heroes to build an army, gather resources, and construct their city. By the devs’ own admission, the game is still early in development, so don’t expect it to be totally bug-free.

StarOS is a unique simulation game which introduces players to a (fictional) “new OS”, which boasts a “revolutionary graphical interface”. Based on the mysterious description and some of the reviews, it sounds like there’s a lot more to this one than first meets the eye, in the best way possible. It might simply be worth checking this one out yourself.

The next few freebies take us away from Steam itself, but bear with me here. SAMOLIOTIK is a “stylish shoot-em-up” set across multiple different eras. Although the game is available on Steam, it’s currently free to download from IndieGala.

Also available for free via IndieGala is AVA: Dark History - a spooky action platformer set on a mysterious planet with almost no atmosphere, once thought to be home to a highly developed civilisation. You must figure out what happened by travelling down below the surface of the planet.

Finally, if you’re a fan of Team17’s shooter Hell Let Loose on Steam, you’re in luck. Right now, via SteelSeries Games, you can grab a free key for the Hell Let Loose Hot Drop DLC, which unlocks the US Airborne Pathfinder Uniform for a number of different roles. You’ll need the base game in order to unlock this, obviously.

There we have it - plenty of freebies to be going at. Don’t blame me if your backlog becomes insurmountable, though.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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