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Steam free FPS available now is one of the most stylish games we've ever seen

Steam free FPS available now is one of the most stylish games we've ever seen

Play this stylish shooter for free

If you like stylish shooters that offer something a little different from the likes of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Fortnite and Halo Infinite, then you might want to check out this indie delight.

With so many games to choose from on the Steam store for PC, it can get a little overwhelming to pick the best out of the massive bunch. Thankfully, however, Steam offers loads of free demos that you can try before you buy, drastically reducing the risk of you wasting your hard-earned money.

Check out the Wild Bastards trailer below!

One such game that you can check out for free right now is one of the most stylish games that we’ve seen lately. The game in question is the indie FPS published by Maximum Entertainment and developed by Blue Manchu, it’s none other than Wild Bastards.

“From the veteran team behind Void Bastards and Card Hunter, Wild Bastards has you travel from planet to planet to recruit, manage and gun sling with a team of 13 outlaws, each of whom has their own weaponry, special power, and growth tree,” reads the description of the game via Steam. “On planets, you’ll wrangle loot and start showdowns that are then played out in intense, bite-sized shootouts.”

“The Wild Bastards were the most deadly gang in the galaxy until a posse from the puritanical magnate Jebediah Chaste eliminated one outlaw after another. Faced with their own mortality, the two remaining members have teamed up with the Drifter, a mysterious sentient spacecraft, to find and resurrect the dead gang members as they flee to the mythical Homestead.”

Promising “intense showdowns” and “tactical FPS combat”, Wild Bastards is most certainly a game for Wild West fans as well as Borderlands with a neon hint of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Wild Bastards doesn't release on PC until 12 September 2024 (assuming there are no delays) but you can play the game for free right now courtesy of its Steam demo. It’s also being released on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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