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Steam drops 9/10 free RPG with over 300 hours of gameplay

Steam drops 9/10 free RPG with over 300 hours of gameplay

You need to check out this 9/10, 300-hour RPG on Steam right now

There’s nothing like buying a fantastic video game with your hard-earned cash and getting hundreds of hours of value from it. Surely it can't get any better than that, right? Well, it can, especially if that game is totally free.

The game in question is the RPG rated as 9/10 by some of the Steam community, The Last Flame: Prologue developed by indie studio Hotloop, and published by Surefire.Games is available to download for free on PC right now.

Check out The Last Flame trailer below!

The Last Flame is a roguelike auto-battler which focuses on build creation, strategy and decision-making. Recruit special heroes, fight deadly encounters, loot and craft powerful gear, and discover and create unique synergetic builds! Every run, you will need to create powerful builds that will take down your foes!” reads the description of the game.

Available now via a playable demo, the prologue to The Last Flame is already receiving rave reviews from its community. “I have almost 300 hours in the closed beta for The Last Flame. Fans of Slay the Spire and auto-battlers will love this game. There's a large number of heroes, relics, items, and more that give it a lot of strategic depth and replayability,” exclaimed ddaimyo. “Each run provides new challenges and forces you to explore new builds to survive. This prologue will whet your appetite for the early access which releases in a few weeks!”

“In my opinion, it's the best roguelike auto-battler available. Can't wait for the full release!” said a joyous Papa Paolo. “I cannot wait for the early access release; the demo and the prologue have been an absolute blast already!” replied BongoCat.

Of course, as the name of the game suggests, The Last Flame: Prologue is not the full release. However, if this free prologue offers this kind of value in a beta, imagine all the fun to be had in the full game. The Last Flame launches in early access on 17 January 2024. Be sure to wishlist this promising RPG on Steam to keep updated with its development and launch.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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