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Steam 17 free games you can download and keep this weekend

Steam 17 free games you can download and keep this weekend

You can download 17 free Steam games right now to keep forever.

Who doesn't love a free Steam video game? Even better, what if you could get 17 free video games to download and play this weekend? That should keep you more than busy.

In this day and age of a cost of living crisis, it’s nice to save a free quid whenever we can by claiming some free video games, especially when it comes to one of our favourite pastimes. What’s more, being immersed in the world of video games also gives us a great distraction from our worldly woes. The 17 free video Steam video games for PC offer a range of genres, so there’s bound to be at least one game that tickles your fancy, perhaps even a few.

Check out the Steam Deck trailer below!

I must add as a personal recommendation, that Songs of Horror is a fun game that blends roguelike mechanics that once a character is dead, he or she is gone and then you move on to the next character to continue the story.

Anyway, below are all 17 games you can download from Steam to play this weekend:

  • Beyond Hanwell Teaser - A prologue for a really rather stunning-looking new horror adventure.
  • Cult Of Personality - It's basically Among Us.
  • Culture Warz: A fun, top-down zombie shooter, in which you’re not only battling the undead but also social media.
  • Destiny’s Divide: A PvP fantasy card game with 11 characters to choose from where skill and strategy are of the utmost importance.
  • Dragonheir: Silent Gods - An open-world RPG that promises a "dynamic world with high-quality character models and diverse exploration possibilities."
  • Drift.Wav - A dreamy racing game with a gorgeous synthwave soundtrack.
  • Grill on Wheels: This is one for VR and food fanatics. Run your own grill wagon to your starving customers, what could go wrong?
  • Monster Hide - A pretty by-the-numbers horde shooter.
  • Office Fight - Live out your dream of bodying that one annoying co-worker through the photocopier.
  • Planet S: is a real-time strategy in which you’re required to colonise multiple planets within the solar system. If you want to play god, now is your chance.
  • Retro Combat: This is a no-frills, no-nonsense casual FPS. You can either play with others online or shoot some bots in tanks and planes. Either way, there’s fun to be had.
  • Shell Runner - A stylish top-down looter-shooter with plenty of action.
  • Song Of Horror One Shot Challenge - A horror adventure with the enemy AI turned up to the highest level for maximum scares.
  • Stagelands: Eternal Defence - A tower defence game with a colourful fantasy aesthetic. Looks like things can get intense fast in this one, so be sure to stay on top of your strategies.
  • StrangerZ: A multiplayer survival horror game in which you can team up with friends in an attempt to survive against the stranger or you can become the stranger to take down your friends.
  • The Jeffy Game - A 2D platformer for people who think Super Mario Wonder might be a bit too creative.
  • Three Skies - Another RPG for you to sink your teeth into.
Featured Image Credit: Valve

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