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Steam adds 12 free games you can download and keep, no strings attached

Steam adds 12 free games you can download and keep, no strings attached

Another batch of freebies

Steam users can claim another 12 free downloads to add to their libraries, which is great if you're looking to game on a budget.

If you’re searching for another batch of games to play, and prefer to add indie titles to your library rather than the next big release, then there are several Steam freebies worth your consideration this week.

Speaking of the next big release, have you had a chance to play Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree? Check out the expansion’s launch trailer below.

The first game we’ll be checking out is Formula Evolution 2024, an awesome MMO racing game that supports up to 40 players in grand prix races.

Second is actually a Ubisoft title called BattleCore Arena, a unique platform shooter where you control mechanical spheres that can fire lasers at each other. Bit of a strange one but worth a look nonetheless.

Third is Hamstörm, a turn-based arena game where you control adorable little hamsters as they fight a bunch of evil rats. It's pretty fun.

Next is Vest A Life, a post-apocalyptic MMO with survival game elements, if that’s your cup of tea.

If not then Early Birds might be up your street, though this is specifically a free prologue to the full game, which is a charming survival title that looks a lot like Terraria.

Then there’s M.E.T.A, a PvP online deathmatch game where you can fight in first or third person, as well as put together a variety of cool loadouts.

Moving on to Off Air, a chaotic first-person shooter that combines skill and style, as well as taking place in an ever-changing world.

Next up is MechaLeague, which is described as a “high speed online multiplayer cross platform VR game”. This free title features immersive movement mechanics as well as something all games need nowadays: grapple hooks.

Swiftly moving onto Thunder Age, a tower defence game set in a “flooded future world”, where mankind has figured out a way to harness electricity “during the raging thunderstorms”.

Next is Wind Rider, an endless gliding game where the obstacles in front of you are all randomly generated, you can either go for the high score or just vibe, what could be simpler?

Second to last is the tower defence game Little Keepers, that’s made with couch co-op in mind. The official description reads: “Build your enemies, destroy your defences and restore chaos in the garden! ... Wait, it was the other way around.”

Finally there’s Above, a challenging game where you climb a mountain, testing your resolve, skills and endurance as you try to reach the top.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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