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Steam giving away 12 free games to download and keep right now

Steam giving away 12 free games to download and keep right now

A Steam come true

Steam users can currently grab 12 free games right now, with no extra costs or subscriptions getting in your way.

It can't have escaped your attention that September is a pretty massive month for releases. Most of you are probably already deep into Baldur's Gate 3 on PlayStation 5, or else getting ready explore the cosmos Starfield on Xbox. If for some strange reason you don't fancy jumping into either of these critically acclaimed RPGs, there are currently a bunch of free games on PC to keep you busy.

Take a look at our Starfield review below!

All you need to claim these free games is a Steam account, and a computer that can run them. Of course very few of these games are major AAA releases, and all of 'em should run on even the most modest of hardware.

Without further ado, the 12 free games you can currently grab on Steam are:

  • Marvel SNAP - You've heard of this one. An excellent Marvel card game that allows you to battle it out with all your favourite characters.
  • Daisho: Survival of a Samurai - An action RPG that also utilises survival and village building mechanics.
  • Road to Top G - Survive waves of zombies, collect perks, unlock boss door, and face the Top G in an intense showdown.
  • Versus Vampire - A multiplayer title that sees you engage in a war between humans and vampires.
  • Summum Aeterna - A “fast-paced Roguelite inspired by the Metroidvania Aeterna Noctis,” where you’ll “create your own worlds” in each new run.
  • Fight! Olyn Island - A multiplayer strategy game that plays a lot like chess.
  • Galatic Glitch - An Action-Roguelike with physics-based combat mechanics.
  • 90 Minute Fever - Kind of like Football Manager, but not quite as good.
  • Dynast.IO - A survival game with RPG elements.
  • World Of Rune - An MMORPG game with tons of different characters and mystical cute pets. You can play as one of four classes.
  • The Last Exodus - Turn-based sci-fi strategy for my fellow nerds.
  • Sim Companies - A cool little trading sim where you can pretend to be a banker pissing money away without ruining the IRL economy and destroying lives.

There you have it, 12 games to choose from. Are any of them as good as Starfield or Baldur's Gate 3? You'll have to tell me, because I'm far to busy playing both at the moment.

Featured Image Credit: Valve/Rockstar Games

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