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Starfield meets Mass Effect in upcoming Unreal Engine 5 space RPG

Starfield meets Mass Effect in upcoming Unreal Engine 5 space RPG

Build, control, and explore the vastness of space

Space exploration is one of those themes in video games that charms people – even the grittier, more deadly encounters, like in Dead Space, have us hungry for more. So of course we’re going to talk about a space RPG that’s like if Starfield and Mass Effect had a baby.

If you’re one of the many fans who Bethesda is saying are wrong about the game being boring, or you’re just not ready to endure the long wait until the next Mass Effect teaser drops, The Crust is the game for you.

Feast your eyes on the sci-fi beauty that is the official Mass Effect 4 teaser

Not that it’ll change the two aforementioned situations, but it’ll help fill the time and, just maybe, unlock a newfound love for space. And don’t worry, while there are some similarities between Starfield, Mass Effect, and The Crust, this Unreal Engine 5 RPG has a lot of charm of its own.

Gamers lucky enough to have had hands-on experience with the demo are excited to see where The Crust will take them. “The game looks really interesting,” said one potential player. who went on to add “[I’ve] not [got] much time to try the demo, but definitely wishlisting!”

Advertised on Steam, where it’ll become available once it launches in Q1 2024, this is a “narrative basebuilder”. You’ll need to trade, explore, mine, and take control of a lunar base for the story of The Crust to run smoothly. Furthermore, the devs are hoping to add additional elements like “story mode and in-game cinematics”, with them asking for your help over on Kickstarter.

To find out more and learn about all the game’s mechanics, head over to Steam. Unfortunately, the demo that was available during Steam Fest is no longer there, however, there's gameplay footage to help fill in the blanks. Please also keep in mind that the game won’t run with macOS 10.15 Catalina or above.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/EA

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