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Mass Effect 5 trailer may have just teased return of fan-favourite character

Mass Effect 5 trailer may have just teased return of fan-favourite character

Could a certain fan-favourite character be coming back to us?

When you’re a devoted fan of a longstanding franchise like Mass Effect, any and all news will be analysed on the minutest of levels – we’re like Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia in front of his conspiracy board. And while some may think us silly for our levels of devotion, continued analysis leads to possibly discovering a fan-favourite character is returning, like one fan believes they’ve uncovered.

On N7 Day, the teaser trailer for the new Mass Effect dropped and, although incredibly short, we collectively flooded social media with a need to find out more. The only detail we know for sure is that someone needs assistance in the Andromeda system, which is where we left off with the Pathfinder at the end of ME Andromeda. Could it be the Quarians in need of help, or is a new species going to be uncovered?

Check out the original ME5 teaser trailer.

There are a lot of unanswered questions. But eager to shine a light on what the teaser is showing us (or not showing us, as is the case), YouTuber Kala Elizabeth has a theory. And it’s a fine theory at that. According to their Twitter post, “The N7 Day teaser plays Aralakh Company as the N7 walks into the bay”, which fans will know fondly as “Grunt's theme from Mass Effect 3”. What is more, some believe that a bulky shadow seen in the background is a Krogan, leaving the YouTuber asking if the unknown figure is “walking out to Tuchanka?”

As an avid ME fan, I have some thoughts on this. Firstly, the link with the music is a fantastic find, one I didn’t initially pick up on because I was too busy freaking out that a teaser was being shown. Still, when it comes to the bulky shadow, it’s too blurry, at least for me, to speculate that it’s evidence of a Krogan. Although anything is possible, as BioWare has said the new game “will follow the events of both ME3 and ME: Andromeda”.

Unfortunately, whether this particular fan is correct will remain unknown for some time yet. After all, ME5 won’t be coming out on the PS5 or Xbox Series, meaning we’ve got a new console to launch before ever seeing the full details of the game. That being said, hopefully, BioWare will reveal more in the not-too-distant future.

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