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Stardew Valley fans can play a new game on Steam for free now

Stardew Valley fans can play a new game on Steam for free now

This looks like it's going to be a farming game we can't put down

Fans of Stardew Valley might currently be playing Stardew, but there’s a new game that’s on the way you really need to check out. Even more so at the moment because you can play it for free.

It might sound blasphemous to leave behind your Stardew Valley farm for pastures new now that update 1.6 is here. However, it would also be blasphemous to ignore the call to cosy adventuring elsewhere – we have a code to adhere to, after all.

How adorably fun does Pathless Woods look?

Pathless Woods is an upcoming Steam game that you can play for free thanks to its demo. We know some of you prefer an entire game for free, but a free demo is the best you’ll get for this exciting new title. Not that it isn’t worth paying for once it launches on 3 April; it’s too adorable to be a flop, we suspect.

“Embark on a cosy open-world survival journey inspired by ancient China's heritage. Gather resources, cultivate crops, build your dream home, and defend it from marauders. Team up with friends to explore and uncover a world where adventure meets serenity.”

Doesn’t that just sound darling? And, thanks to it being inspired by Chinese heritage and culture, it’ll be a fresh experience when compared to the greats, like Stardew. Basically, it’s a win-win as far as we’re concerned.

Adventuring, foraging, making a life for yourself in spite of threats? It all sounds like the ideal way to spend time when you need a boost of cosy, feel-good PC gaming. If you can tear yourselves away from all the Stardew get rich quick schemes popping up, you could find a new life somewhere just as dreamy as your current farm. Besides, the sequel to the acclaimed indie darling is still a way off yet, so we need to plan for our futures to not get left out in the cold, with not cosy game to call our own.

Pathless Woods will launch on 3 April, and will be available Steam.

Featured Image Credit: AniYa Games Studio, Valve

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