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Star Wars classic game gets surprise update 17 years after release

Star Wars classic game gets surprise update 17 years after release

The Force has been working hard on this one

There are plenty of Star Wars classic games that haven’t got the remaster treatment they so rightly deserve, nor are they easily playable in their current states all these years later. Yet hope appears around the corner in the form of a surprise update for an iconic SW title that’s 17 years old.

The real-time strategy game has “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam, with players calling it “still amazing” despite its age. And now, thanks to the developer Petroglyph surprising gamers with a “maintenance patch”, Star Wars: Empire At War has undergone some bug fixes and performance optimisation. They do say the Force is everywhere, and this seems to confirm it.

Let's check out the Star Wars Dark Forces remaster!

Now that Empire At War has been converted to 64-bit, fans are curious as to whether the devs intend to reveal a remaster and/or sequel in light of its sudden interest in enhancing the game. After all, with the multiplayer originally shut down in 2014 and then re-added only three years later, something keeps the devs returning to this title and it’s not just the loyal fandom.

Undoubtedly, a lot of SW fans would give anything to see Knights of the Old Republic remastered or, at the very least, for it to undergo significant patches to make it current-gen console-friendly. Even more so in light of the remake’s cancellation being announced, leaving players to weep into their morning coffees, unsure of life anymore.

And yes, there is still good news to be found regarding SW titles, like the confirmation that a follow-up to the hugely successful Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is in the works. Still, while it’s good to see modern instalments doing well, it’s not nearly as satisfying as seeing older games revived and brought back to life. Yes, this patch is but a small footnote in the game’s history, but to see fans so excited about Star Wars: Empire at War again is heartwarming.

If you want to join the cause, you can purchase Star Wars: Empire at War for just £5.86 on Steam, with that 65 per cent off available until 28 November.

Featured Image Credit: Disney Plus, LucasArts

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