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Resident Evil meets Silent Hill in free Steam download

Resident Evil meets Silent Hill in free Steam download

Perfect for fans of the OG horror games

Fans of Resident Evil and Silent Hill or just fans of getting scared out of their minds in general should keep an eye on this upcoming action horror title which adds a modern take to the classic horror genre.

Developed by Dragon Level and inspired by the classics such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark, Connection: The Nightmare Within is an upcoming horror title which sees players “explore atmospheric levels, fight monsters, and solve puzzles”.

Check out the trailer for Silent Hill 2 below!

With the ability to choose between the classic fixed camera or over-the-shoulder, The Nightmare Within has all the classic hallmarks of the OG horror titles as players unravel a story filled with twists and turns.

As a detective, you will have to solve the craziest case of your career as you “dive headfirst into a world of horror and intrigue, stepping into the twisted mind of the antagonist using cutting-edge mind-space technology to gather clues and solve puzzles.”

When you are not fighting zombie-like creatures and formidable bosses, you will have to collect clues, solve mind-challenging puzzles and develop a unique fighting style if you wish to not only survive, but also solve the case.

For players who want the old-school horror vibe, they can choose the fixed camera for that Resident Evil vibe. However, if you want to focus more on the action without being limited, the over-the-shoulder camera mode is also an option.

Although Connection: The Nightmare Within has not yet received an official release date, the survival horror title is now free to try out courtesy of a demo on Steam.

Luckily, Dragon Level has reported that it is “very close to finishing the game” and has recently hit a major milestone in making the game’s cutscenes look better than ever before.

If you are still unsure if The Nightmare Within will capture the feel of the original horror titles, you can check out this video which gives us a glimpse at one of the puzzles players can look forward to solving.

Featured Image Credit: Dragon Level

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