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PlayStation and Xbox hit set to land on Steam, is free to download

PlayStation and Xbox hit set to land on Steam, is free to download

A hit PlayStation and Xbox shooter is set to land on Steam this May and will be free to download.

You would think that after years of gaming practice, we would be able to survive for quite some time during an apocalypse. However, one PlayStation and Xbox hit may offer us quite the challenge.

Previously released for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch users and with over 20 million players worldwide, Vigor is a free-to-play looter shooter from the team at Bohemian Interactive.

In other news, are you wondering which Fallout title to start with? We have you covered below!

Now, after long last and many requests by the community, Vigor is heading to PC via Steam and will be available in early access alongside the Reinforcements Pack exclusive bundle.

By unlocking early access and the Reinforcements Pack for $19.99, players will not only be able to play with other PC users but also get their hands on an exclusive uniform and title as well as 16 weapons and 60 consumables.

As for the looter-shooter itself, Vigor takes place across the landscape of a post-apocalyptic war-torn Norway. Here, players will have to survive the Outlands by diving into intense Encounters and coming out both victorious and with all the spoils.

“Set in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere in the early 90s, the landscape of the Outlands is as deadly as it is beautiful, so be careful out there,” reads the Steam synopsis.

Whether you play solo or in multiplayer mode is up to you but either way, you will be able to customise your Outlander to best suit you. Whether this means choosing the military and becoming a lone wolf or everything in between, it is up to you.

Once you have emerged from your battles victorious, you can use your spoils to build and upgrade your shelter which will act as your safe haven in the apocalyptic world. Here you can craft materials, practice at the shooting range or do what is most important, customise your outfit.

Vigor will be heading into early access on Steam this May so stay tuned.

Featured Image Credit: Bohemian Interactive

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