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Need For Speed fans should check out this stunning free Steam download

Need For Speed fans should check out this stunning free Steam download

This upcoming racing game looks incredible

The need for speed is always there; if you’re a fan of that particular franchise, this Steam game is one you should check out.

As far as fans are concerned, the Need for Speed franchise is pretty much unmatched, especially when it comes to the Need for Speed Underground 2 soundtrack. However, with no new game since 2022, the fandom is in need of some action.

Enter Steam’s upcoming title, JDM: Japanese Drift Master.

How much fun does JDM: Japanese Drift Master look?

“Welcome to Japan, the drift capital of the world! Compete, drift, and race on miles of varied roads and winding mountain trails. Drive through towns nestled at the scenic Haikama Lake.”

As you drive through these beautiful scenes, you can make stops to customise and sup up your cars to become king of the road.

“The environment in this game looks AMAZING,” posted one fan after watching the alpha gameplay footage on YouTube. Another said, “Indie games really are keeping gaming alive.”

Best of all, this PC game ensures that no matter your steering style, you’ll be fully in control – “No matter what your favourite steering device is - gamepad, steering wheel, or keyboard - the realistic driving physics will provide nothing but pure pleasure.”

There’s also a story to follow during these high-speed races, which further adds to the depth of this promising new experience.

You follow “a story about a foreigner who wants to make a name for himself on the Japanese drifting scene”, and will therefore experience both his highs and lows on that journey.

Although there’s no specific date given for release, save for the ambiguous 2024 on its Steam page, we’re hopeful you won’t have to wait long to feel the wind in your hair once more.

Learn how to become a drift master and seek your fortune in a world of cutthroat speed chasers, focused on only one thing: winning. Oh, and speed.

Featured Image Credit: Gaming Factory

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