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Need For Speed Underground 2's soundtrack remains unmatched, fans agree

Need For Speed Underground 2's soundtrack remains unmatched, fans agree

Is any soundtrack as good as Need For Speed Underground 2? The answer is always no.

There are certain game soundtracks that stay with us long after we've finished the game; those ear worms refusing to stop causing us to break out into song and/or an awkwardly out of tune hum. But few soundtracks come close to the Need For Speed Underground 2 music.

As far as the fandom is concerned, that soundtrack is unmatched. It's an iconic powerhouse of music that everyone should listen to at least once (but ideally on repeat).

We're talking about it, so we really should watch the Need for Speed Underground 2 trailer for the PS2. Man, those were the days!

"My favorite NFS game, so many memories and the 'Riders on the Storm' soundtrack [is] magnicifent," shared a fan on Reddit, to which a floodgate of memories were unlocked. "Yeah the DJ Fredwreck remix of 'Riders on the Storm' with Snoop Dogg was the anthem of my childhood. That and 'Black Betty' by Spiderbait," posted another.

As many agree on the thread, "they don't make them like they used to". It makes us all sound like boomers, but there's truth to those words. Not ignoring the fact that Underground 2 has turned 20 this year – we're not quite boomers just yet, but the grave is calling, folks.

We can't help but wonder, however, if Need For Speed Underground 2's soundtrack might just be beaten by GTA Vice City's "sensational soundtrack"? It's iconic for a reason. Not that we want to set fans against each other, just we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that GTA titles have their fair share of fantastic DJs, for when you're hightailing it away from some extremely ticked off cops.

Many fans believe Underground 2 is "possibly the greatest racing game ever made"; although we're certain some will disagree, there's no escaping the facts that Need For Speed set its bar high with Underground 2. We're not sure other titles have come close to stealing the crown from it just yet, nor are we certain they ever will.

Excuse us while we now go and listen to the Need For Speed Underground 2 music, whilst remembering how blown away we were by its graphics when we were kids.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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