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GTA Vice City's 'sensational' soundtrack praised as game turns 21

GTA Vice City's 'sensational' soundtrack praised as game turns 21

Slide into that stolen car, turn on the tunes, and cruise the streets like the badass you are

Music is such an intrinsic part of video games, helping to create the worlds we lose ourselves in by setting the mood. For many gamers out there, some soundtracks invoke such fond memories they make us smile as we recall certain levels, missions, and/or characters, with no soundtrack quite as “sensational” as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The moment many of us loaded the game back in 2002, the flash of neon, the sex, drugs, and backhand deals drew us in unlike any other GTA game; there was just something about the game, and, arguably, the soundtrack added to that atmosphere. Now that 2002 is as long ago as the 80s the game is set in, fans are once again returning to the seedy glamour of GTA: VC to celebrate it turning 21.

Relive the glory days of the 80s with GTA: Vice City remastered!

“Such a legendary game and one of my all time favourites,” posted Reddit user henryk98, as they joined other fans in remembering the 00s title. “The game was ahead of its time and it just crushed every other game when it came out. So much fun and replay value. 10/10 soundtrack. I feel blessed I got to own this as a little kid.” Blessed we were, for few games make you want to just drive around, ignoring the main story and side missions, simply because you want to fire up the radio and listen to the synthesised sounds of the 80s.

Yes, when it comes to music, Rockstar Games is hard-pushed to be beaten by competition. “Rockstar are just gods of soundtracks. It's insane. They've probably been the most impactful thing in forming my music taste/repertoire,” said another fan after someone said that ‘Self Control’ by Laura Branigan was “such a vibe”.

It’s more than fair to say that without the music in GTA: VC, the game wouldn’t be as legendary as it is. Nor would fans be desperate to see such tunes return in GTA VI, whenever the game launches. The OP of the celebratory Reddit post said, “VC caught me in the first few minutes, you get in the car and Billy Jean is running on Flash FM. I hope the soundtrack in GTA VI will be as good as in VC.” As do we, though we’d simply like some tangible news from Rockstar about the upcoming game, after yet another week with no trailer. An agonising blow that is worsened by the news that the release window for GTA VI has slipped further away.

With so much bad news flooding the internet, is it any wonder GTA fans want to return to the heady days of GTA: VC, when the music was superb and the action was as fast as the cars?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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