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Left 4 Dead meets Call Of Duty Zombies in stunning new game

Left 4 Dead meets Call Of Duty Zombies in stunning new game

The dead are walking again

Zombies are never going to die off. Zombie games are going to keep coming. There’s no stopping them. They make such good enemies to fight against, whether that’s the usual slow creep of your bog-standard zombie, or some awful mutation with multiple arms, standing several metres in height.

In games, we’ve had so many amazing experiences with zombies, from Call of Duty Zombies to Left 4 Dead, by way of Dead Island 2. Now, there’s a new kid on the block in The Midnight Walkers, and it’s coming out later this year.

Left 4 Dead revolutionised the zombie and horror genres.

Being billed as a PvPvE title, The Midnight Walkers aims to lock you inside a tower block where you’ll have to face off against waves of the undead before extracting to safety with your loot and weapons. It’s not strictly billed as an extraction shooter, more like it’s giving off vibes of the final stand in any Left 4 Dead campaign.

The tower block has a total of 20 floors and each time you play you will experience eight random floors. Teamed up with several friends, it seems likely that you’ll not only be able to take out the zombies but also opposing teams in the hopes of securing the best loot for yourself. It’s an interesting premise and the footage released so far shows some gnarly weapons and plenty of action.

There doesn’t seem to be a release date in mind for The Midnight Walkers, however, there is a scheduled playtest in October 2024, which should give you a rough idea of when we might see more of the game.

It’ll be interesting to see how the unlocked loot comes into play as the blurb notes that you can trade with vendors and through the “black web” to improve your weapons and items. This is definitely one for your wishlist if zombies are your thing.

Featured Image Credit: Onewayticketstudio

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