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Horizon Zero Dawn fans need to check out this free Steam download

Horizon Zero Dawn fans need to check out this free Steam download

Adding another promising game to our growing list

Have you played Horizon Zero Dawn, only to feel a huge hole left in your heart once it’s finished? If so, Steam has a solution.

Despite launching in May 2023, many of you have missed out on the action of this Steam title, and so we’re here to alert you to your foolish oversight.

KAKU: Ancient Seal invites you to “go on a journey” with its main character to awaken your “divine power”, as well as adapt to the challenging puzzles that stand in your way.

Check out KAKU: Ancient Seal for yourselves below

KAKU: Ancient Seal is like a Ubisoft open-world game, but without the Ubisoft formula,” reads one review. “And I have to admit that it is surprisingly good and works great.”

No shade meant towards Ubisoft, but we understand where this player is coming from.

Another gamer shared, “The game is beautiful and performs very well, and it's amazing how smoothly everything runs in the large open world areas.”

You could rush headlong into the game without much thought, purchasing it at its reduced price thanks to 25 percent off.

Or you can be smart and opt to download its free demo; test drive before you buy, so to speak.

“Set in a primordial era, this world was created by the elemental power of the Creator Saga,” reads the synopsis.

“One day, a calamity from another realm strikes, causing the dispersion of the elemental souls, and the world splits into four continents, while the Creator Saga goes missing.”

Our curiosity has been piqued, especially given the Horizon Zero Dawn similarities and atmosphere, and so we’ll be trying out the demo as soon as we get a free minute.

The KAKU: Ancient Seal demo is available right now, and should be for the foreseeable future. As for the price reduction, that’s time limited, so act sooner rather than later if you want to grab a bargain.

Featured Image Credit: BINGOBELL

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