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Hogwarts Legacy meets Stardew Valley in gorgeous Steam game you can grab now

Hogwarts Legacy meets Stardew Valley in gorgeous Steam game you can grab now

Time to conjure up some minions

If you adore the pixel-art cosyness of Stardew Valley but long for the witchcraft and wizardry present in Hogwarts Legacy then my oh my, do I have the perfect recommendation for you.

Creative Hand’s Tiny Witch is a perfect blend of the two; a cosy time management sim that’ll see players magically craft ‘minions’ - no, not the yellow Illumination variety - for their shop’s clientele.

“Manage a minion store where demanding clientele are always at your door! As a little witch, mix the right resources to create minions so that your dungeon master clients walk away happy,” reads the synopsis.

That synopsis does read as slightly … suspect … but I assure you, it is pure and wholesome vibes here only.

Why is the game’s town full of dungeon masters, I hear you ask? Well, we don’t really know but you do need to make sure they have enough minions working for them in order for them to fulfil whatever deeds they’re up to.

You’ll want to train to acquire new spells in order to create the best minions possible to please your customers.

To do so, use your ingredients in both your pounder and cauldron in order to magic up some minions, with each customer having their own unique set of requests.

Enjoy a relaxing tour of Hogwarts Legacy’s four house common rooms below.

“Deliver the requested minions to the customers or suffer the consequences! Different kinds of customers have varying tempers and willingness to give you tips. Serving them is key to the longevity of your humble witchy establishment,” adds the game’s description.

Okay, so, it’s a cosy game but with mild stakes. You want to maintain your business's reputation after all.

If your venture proves to be a success, you can expand your premises and buy additional work tables and decorations.

Tiny Witch is available to play on Steam at a cost of just £8.50.

Be warned though, players have advised that it’s much harder than it looks. No one said running a business was easy.

Featured Image Credit: Creative Hand

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